Orbitall Freeware

You are able to obtain a cost free version of a commercial standard application, in use at a number of client sites, that encompasses core business functionality suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Historically client site versions incorporated a "dynamic link" to Sage accounting products. This freely available version does not incorporate such a tight level of integration, although features are provided that will enable the extraction of data suitable for data transfer to a number of alternative financial management packages, including Sage. This represents an area of ongoing development and is a topic that prospective users might wish to explore further with us in order to influence and potentially participate in improvements.

Installing the software and database should be relatively easy and a review of the following videos will assist if you decide to take up our offer.

Video Stream

To assist in any review there is an example database relating to a fictitious business, "Cake and Bake", that illustrates features relating to sales, purchasing, production (including planning) and inventory control (including traceability).

Please make contact through the site forums list,  classic forum linksupport request page or send a   to raise any queries you might have.

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We advise potential users to complete registration to assist us in the provision of any support that users might find useful in reviewing Orbitall or completing an installation with the intention of establishing whether it represents a viable option for their activities.

Installation should take less than an hour after completing download of relevant resources from this web site. Review the content of the  Orbitall download repository for further detail and locate the "Installation Instructions" file for an explanation of the steps involved.

A single version of the software can operate with multiple copies of the database, to provide the ability of managing the affairs of more than one company, through configuration settings recorded in standard ini files located the "Program Files" folder on each device.

Related Microsoft Access database files (orbitall.mdb, project.mdb and IWR.mdb) may be stored in a folder on a specific device or a folder situated on a network. These alternatives reflect the ability to use the application in environments where a single user may perform multiple tasks or in circumstances where multiple users have differnt specific roles.

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